How To Setup, Configure, Install & JioFi FAQ With Solutions

How To Setup, Configure, Install & JioFi FAQ With Solutions

How To Setup, Configure, Install & JioFi FAQ With Solutions : With your JioFi WiFi device, you can setup your internet connection from anywhere anytime. With Jio 4G offer, you can enjoy unlimited calls and the internet at 4G speed as long as your battery lasts!

The JioFi WiFI device costs Rs 1999. When you buy your JioFi WiFi device, you also get your free Jio 4G sim card with the Preview offer.

When the 4G service for JioFi is commercially launched, the prices might differ. JioFi is a better option if you do not have a 4G smartphone. It is better than LYF smartphones in terms of specifications.

How To Install & Setup Your JioFi WiFi Device For Better Speed And More Battery Life

Setting up your JioFi device in the following way will help you get the maximum speed and extended battery performance.

Initial Setup: Before you set your JioFi device, make sure that your Jio sim card is activated. Insert your sim card in the slot.

Place your battery and cover and switch on your JioFi device. The power button is located below the Jio symbol on the front panel.

Connecting your Mobile, PC, Mac or Gaming Console to JioFi: Go to the wireless settings on your preferred device and switch on the WiFi option. You can connect your mobile, smartphone, tablet, Mac, Personal computer or even your game console to the JioFi device.

On your JioFi package, the SSID and the password for the device will be mentioned. Your SSID will be something similar to JioFi 2_4EF140. The default password will be in the box that will help you connect it.

JioFi Wifi Device Web configuration: When you open the browser on your PC/Desktop or Mac, type in http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm

On the control panel, check the following:

1. LTE

2. Connected Band in LTE

3. Number of connected users

4. Maximum & Minimum speed

5. Battery Status

Enter JioFi Web Configuration Admin Panel: When you go to the Login link on the top right corner, use the default credentials to log in

Username – administrator

Password – administrator

You can change the default settings anytime to enjoy better experience